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Property Owner Loan

Skip collaterals, swift approval in 30 minutes by A.I. with large capital turnover*.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Swift Approval in 30 minutes

Apply online, instant rates without submission of any documentations. Approval Results within 30 minutes*. Forget about any waits.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Apical Loan Amount

Subjected to the value of your property and individual credit score, loan amount can be higher than any conventional personal loans, addressing all your financial needs!

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Joint Ownership, Sole Applicant

Joint ownership on a property yet sole property loan applicant, saving complicated procedures and expediting your approval process.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Deed Waiver

No deed is required, and loan applications and contracts leaving no traces in the Land Registry ^, avoiding any unnecessary yet complicated legal procedures.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Legal Fees Waived

No legal fees are necessary, avoiding any unnecessary expenses.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

Self-Occupancy or Leased

Whether your property is a private estate, apartment or public housing, whether it is self-occupying or leased, as long as you are the owner of the property, you are eligible.

CashQuickPay Loan Company

“Miss Lee, boutique owner hopes to expand her business by opening another outlet, in need of liquid asset for lease, refurbishment and inventory. She applied CashQuickPay’s Property Owner Loan, received swift approval on her $800,000 loan in just 30 minutes. Disbursements received on the same day, achieved her goal in establishing another outlet.”

-Miss Lee successfully received a loan for $800,000 @ 36-months tenor, at 15% annual percentage rate (APR includes 1% handling fee, total repayment amount of $983,248)

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.

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* Income Proof and Address Proof waiver only for loans with the maximum loan amount of $500,000 for customers who fulfil specific credit requirements. CashQuickPay reserves the right to request further supporting documents for loan approval purposes in certain circumstances. Larger loan amounts may be offered to customers who provide further supporting documents. Goverment Issued ID and disbursement account proof are required from new customers for identify verification and loan disbursement purposes.

# Get Extra Cash instantly – The customer must fulfil specific credit requirements to be eligible. ^ All required application information must be complete and accurate. Final approval is subject to the final submission of all relevant documents and the credit record of the customer. If customers apply during system maintenance period, approval result will be sent via email and SMS after system resumes. ^^ The loan will be transferred via Faster Payment System (FPS) after the loan agreement is signed and the loan is approved. Actual transfer time is subject to each individual bank's transfer service hours.

CashQuickPay reserves its absolute right on any loan approval decision and any disputes. In the event of any inconsistencies between the English and Chinese version of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.